Message from Chairman Roe

Spring walk in Longdon

Our May meeting took us to Longdon for a lovely walk in the countryside and down past the beautiful church, the views from the top of the hill were really spectacular. The weather was kind to us, well it didn’t rain, although the wind was bracing and we returned to the pub with rosy cheeks. The cars on the pub carpark were quite something, there was a meeting of a ‘hot rod’ car club, quite an interesting collection of cars and owners.

Everyone enjoyed good food, friendly company and a very convivial evening. I would like to thank Jane, Helen and Jennie for scouting the walk before hand and for leading it. I must also say thank you to Mary for putting up with the hassle of collecting the money and settling up with the pub.

I am delighted to inform you that we have four honorary members this year, three  Tangles Chairmen, they are sharing the post: Suzanne Woodburn, Alice Reeve and Jayne Loveridge. Ladies Circle Chairman: Emily Rich. I am looking forward to welcoming them to our meetings.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 5th June, it is a Cellar Tour at Erasmus Darwin House which starts at 7.00pm and lasts for 45 minutes, then a meal to follow.

I hope to see lots of you in June