Message from Chairman Roe – August 2018

August Report

August saw members trying their arm at Archery, unfortunately I wasn’t able to go, my sister is only going to be 70 once so her party was a must. A select 7 members really enjoyed their archery experience, Ruth was anticipating a stiff arm the following day but seems to have got away with it. Grateful thanks to Ruth for organising the meeting.

I joined our coffee group for lunch on 15th August, we went to 1709 in Lichfield and enjoyed an entertaining time.

My friend Leela came along and it turned out that she was once a neighbour of Doreen’s, they spent most of their time catching up on 11 years of gossip and they had a brilliant time.

On a more sober note: Pauline is recovering from her hip replacement surgery and is anxiously awaiting being able to drive again, she has sent us a Thank you card for the flowers and card from Tangent.

Sadly, Pat Burbridge is now unable to drive and needs a wheelchair to get about in, she is having to take Oxygen for about 15 hours a day to help with her breathing, also, Roy seems to have to keep going into hospital for various treatments.

Our next meeting is on the 4th September at the Old Vicarage, Pearl has circulated the details and menu, thank you so much Pearl.

Also I have circulated details of a visit organised by Rob Horton to Winterton’s Lichfield Auction Centre on Monday 17th September, starting at 7pm. Tickets are £12.50 available from Rob Horton.

For the past couple of years the October meeting has been cancelled mainly due to people being away on holiday. This year we thought we might enjoy an afternoon meeting which can go ahead with a smaller group, with this in mind an afternoon tea has been booked at the Barn Café Bar and Restaurant for 2.45pm on Tuesday 2 nd October at Heart of the Country, Swinfen, cost £12.50 a head. More details to follow.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Old Vicarage in September.