Message from Chairman Roe – September 2018

September Report

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I refer to the title of the talk that was given at our September meeting. We listened to a very interesting presentation given by Liz’s friend, June Thorne, who showed us slides of places around Lichfield. She said what she thought about them and then left us to decide whether we thought they were ‘Good, Bad or Ugly’. June left us with a legacy that will give many of us a crick in our neck as well as risking us walking into things; ‘Always look up at the buildings, it is surprising what you will see’, not quoted accurately but close enough.

As always, the welcome at the Old Vicarage was warm and the food delicious and many of the ladies on my table enjoyed the legendary ‘Bread and butter pudding’. Ruth lit the Friendship Candle, which gave us the opportunity to think about members who are not having such a good time of it at present. I would also like to thank Mary for saying the grace, Liz for organising and introducing the speaker, Viv for giving the vote of thanks and Pearl for organising and liaising with the Old Vicarage.

In August I attended Lichfield Tangles Club 5th birthday celebration, a traditional party with fun and games, jelly and ice cream and a big cake. I had a great time pinning the tail on the donkey as you can see from the photograph, playing pass the parcel and other games. I have to say that I have never before witnessed a more tactically fought and competitive game of musical chairs; it was hilarious. Thank you to Tangles, it was brilliant and thank you for the chocolates that you gave us to enjoy with our meal at our September meeting.

Our next meeting is 2nd October; afternoon tea at The Barn at the Heart of the Country, Swinfen. Pearl has already emailed the details to everyone.

A reminder about the evening at Winterton’s Auction rooms at 7pm on Monday 17th September; please contact Rob Horton for tickets.

I have circulated a flyer about Remembrance Sunday on 11th November at Alrewas National Memorial Arboretum; I hope that all of you have seen it.

Enjoy yourselves at Winterton’s, alas I cannot go, I will see you in October.


Late News: I am sure you will all join with me in sending very best wishes and love to Helen as she undergoes further treatment.

Message from Chairman Roe – August 2018

August Report

August saw members trying their arm at Archery, unfortunately I wasn’t able to go, my sister is only going to be 70 once so her party was a must. A select 7 members really enjoyed their archery experience, Ruth was anticipating a stiff arm the following day but seems to have got away with it. Grateful thanks to Ruth for organising the meeting.

I joined our coffee group for lunch on 15th August, we went to 1709 in Lichfield and enjoyed an entertaining time.

My friend Leela came along and it turned out that she was once a neighbour of Doreen’s, they spent most of their time catching up on 11 years of gossip and they had a brilliant time.

On a more sober note: Pauline is recovering from her hip replacement surgery and is anxiously awaiting being able to drive again, she has sent us a Thank you card for the flowers and card from Tangent.

Sadly, Pat Burbridge is now unable to drive and needs a wheelchair to get about in, she is having to take Oxygen for about 15 hours a day to help with her breathing, also, Roy seems to have to keep going into hospital for various treatments.

Our next meeting is on the 4th September at the Old Vicarage, Pearl has circulated the details and menu, thank you so much Pearl.

Also I have circulated details of a visit organised by Rob Horton to Winterton’s Lichfield Auction Centre on Monday 17th September, starting at 7pm. Tickets are £12.50 available from Rob Horton.

For the past couple of years the October meeting has been cancelled mainly due to people being away on holiday. This year we thought we might enjoy an afternoon meeting which can go ahead with a smaller group, with this in mind an afternoon tea has been booked at the Barn Café Bar and Restaurant for 2.45pm on Tuesday 2 nd October at Heart of the Country, Swinfen, cost £12.50 a head. More details to follow.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Old Vicarage in September.


Message from Chairman Roe – July 2018

Blazing July

What a memorable meeting! It was serendipity that we chose to have a Commonwealth evening during Tangent’s 53rd birthday year as there are 53 voting counties in the Commonwealth. We enjoyed good company and excellent food from various countries around the world. The sun was shining so we ate al fresco until a cool wind persuaded us to go indoors.

The timing was perfect, Jennie had been keeping us up to date on the football match although we knew when England had scored a goal from the roars of jubilation that came from the neighbouring houses. As we went inside the match had reached the penalty shootout. I was surprised to see so many ladies sitting or standing watching the tense final minutes of the match. Everyone left the meeting on a high having enjoyed themselves and, more likely, because England had won.

I would like to say a big thank you to Jenny Chapman for all her help and support before and during the meeting and to Pearl for organising the notices, taking numbers and sorting out the finances.

I must not to forget to say a very big thankyou to David for all his help and support during the day and evening. He and his fellow volunteers at Amerton Railway did get to enjoy what was left of the huge chocolate cake that Mary had brought.

The August meeting is Archery on WEDNESDAY 8th August; they don’t do Tuesday evening. Unfortunately I won’t be there as my sister is having her 70th birthday party on that day and she had forgotten to invite us, oops J

I hope lots of you can support the meeting and have a great time.



Message from Chairman Roe

June Meeting

June saw us having a fascinating tour around the cellars of Erasmus Darwin House. Our tour guide was very interesting and enthusiastic about the life and history of the Darwin family. I am glad that I live in the 21st century, I don’t like the thought of dead bodies lying just around the corner from where food is stored and cooked, especially as they were used for dissection and kept until they were decomposing. Thank you Ruth for organising the tour.

We followed our tour with a short walk to Pom’s in Bird Street where friendly conversation was enjoyed over food and wine. Thank you Pearl for sorting out everything for us.

I was delighted to welcome Pat Dimeloe as a member of Lichfield Tangent, we love people joining us and hope Pat continues to enjoy many, many years of friendship with us.

I had a busy week “Tangenting” as on Wednesday I attended Tettenhall’s 45th Birthday dinner at The Mount Hotel, a place familiar from Ladies Circle days. It was lovely to see so many old friends and to have a natter with our National President Jill Harris.

Thursday took me to the Tangles event at Debenhams where I enjoyed bubbly and canapés, a hand massage, so relaxing, and of course some retail therapy.

Pearl has emailed details about the July meeting so I look forward to seeing you at my house.


Message from Chairman Roe

Spring walk in Longdon

Our May meeting took us to Longdon for a lovely walk in the countryside and down past the beautiful church, the views from the top of the hill were really spectacular. The weather was kind to us, well it didn’t rain, although the wind was bracing and we returned to the pub with rosy cheeks. The cars on the pub carpark were quite something, there was a meeting of a ‘hot rod’ car club, quite an interesting collection of cars and owners.

Everyone enjoyed good food, friendly company and a very convivial evening. I would like to thank Jane, Helen and Jennie for scouting the walk before hand and for leading it. I must also say thank you to Mary for putting up with the hassle of collecting the money and settling up with the pub.

I am delighted to inform you that we have four honorary members this year, three  Tangles Chairmen, they are sharing the post: Suzanne Woodburn, Alice Reeve and Jayne Loveridge. Ladies Circle Chairman: Emily Rich. I am looking forward to welcoming them to our meetings.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 5th June, it is a Cellar Tour at Erasmus Darwin House which starts at 7.00pm and lasts for 45 minutes, then a meal to follow.

I hope to see lots of you in June