Welcome message from Chairman Roe

Hello Ladies, after my “rush of blood to the head” at the AGM,  I am delighted to find myself as Chairman of Lichfield Tangent.

I am very much looking forward to the year ahead and hope that we will enjoy another busy and interesting time in continued friendship.

I would like to continue to build on our relationship with Lichfield Tangles and Lichfield Ladies Circle, as I consider them to be very important to the future of our organisation.

I would like to say a big thank you to the executive officers for volunteering and also thank you very much to you for your continuing support, I look forward to an exciting time during my year as chairman.


Message from Immediate Past Chairman Helen – 13 April 2018

Well Ladies, as I said on Tuesday night, it has been quite a year!  Despite everything else that has been going on, I have very much enjoyed being your Chairman for the past year and would like to say thank you to you all for the high attendances we have seen at many events this year.  We are a thriving club and it is very good news that we have a new Chairman and a good committee to take us into next year:-



Chairman: Roe Andrew

Vice Chair: None (although feel free to stand at any time if you would like a gentle introduction!)

Secretary: Jennie Tipper

Treasurer: Mary Ward

Entertainments: Ruth Robinson

Meals/Attendance: Pearl Harrison

Speaker Secretary: Liz Weatherhogg

Bulletin Officer: Jenny Chapman

Coffee Liaison: Pam Bolton

IPC/Raffle: Helen Dempster

Welcome to the new Chairman and committee and my very best wishes for a lovely year.

Signing off for the last time,

Immediate Past Chairman Helen

Message from Chairman Helen – 12 March 2018


Well, I’ve never seen so much cake!  And although we did our best and even took doggie bags home, there was still a lot left!  It was lovely to see so many of you at my Chairman’s Afternoon last week and proved yet again that afternoon tea is a popular meeting choice.  I thought Mabel’s did us proud and were totally unflappable, despite our constant requests for tea refills.  My girls road-tested my doggie bag cakes and tell me that I definitely have to take them there!  Thank you again to Pearl for taking virtually all of the organisation off my shoulders.

This is my last Chairman’s message for the bulletin as our next meeting is the AGM and hopefully after that you will have a new Chairman.  I would urge you all to consider standing for a post for next year; if we do not have a Chairman and post holders for the key roles, it is difficult to know how we will survive.  Mary Ward has very kindly said she will stand for Treasurer again, as has Pam Bolton as Liaison Officer for the coffee meetings.  Jennie Tipper cannot be at the AGM but has told me she would like to stand for secretary, but everything else is up for grabs.  There are many of you who have either not held posts at all or did so a long time ago, so please have a think.  I would hate to see out club fold and none of the roles are difficult or time consuming.  You will also always have lots of support, as I have had over the course of my sometimes tricky year!

On a more personal note, I have been so grateful for this support and wanted to let you all know that the radiotherapy has shrunk my tumour and all else remains stable, apparently against all the odds.  I am to have more tests and then further treatment will be planned based on that.

Hoping to see as many of you as possible at the AGM on Tuesday 10th April at the Old Vicarage, Branston.

Chairman Helen


Message from Chairman Helen – 12 February 2018


As I write this, the snow is swirling down outside, it’s blowing a gale and we have already had torrential rain and hail today.  The daffodils are trying their best but the forecast for this week is dreadful.  Roll on spring!

Our February meeting took place at the Vicarage in Branston and a record 36 people attended, the most we have had for many a year!  We had the usual superb meal and were entertained by Neil Weyham, who talked to us about his life and career.  He had a rather mixed response, but thanks to Liz for arranging this for us.

There was minimal business to discuss, other than a reminder to members to look at the emailing  from National prior to the AGM, and a further plea from your Chairman to consider standing for a post next year.

Saturday 10th Feb saw a number of us at Ladies Night, at the Old School House, Weeford, a very welcome new venue.  It was a great evening, with almost 100 attending, including many faces from the past as well as current members, a good meal and an excellent live band – congratulations to 41 Club for making such a successful change.  And who knew that Roger Hartley had such a good singing voice!

Our next meeting is Chairman’s Evening on March 6th.  I decided to keep it simple this year and have chosen afternoon tea as a popular meeting which can also include the coffee morning ladies – it would be lovely to see you there Ladies.  The venue is Mabel’s Tea Rooms at Curborough and Pearl has already circulated details, with a cut-off date of 24th February.  The room there can seat up to 40 people so it would be lovely to have a good turnout for our last meeting prior to the AGM.

Chairman Helen