October 2021 : Chairman’s Report

Hello Tangent Friends

We had a lovely lunchtime meeting at the Vicarage last Wednesday.  Everyone agreed how nice it was that we were able to get together again.  As you know David and I have had Covid.  I, of course, was far worse than David! Anyway we got through it, it wasn’t the best but fortunately, due to the double vaccinations, we weren’t too ill and as a bonus, the weather was nice and we were able to sit in the garden.  We have had our 3rd vaccinations now so should be fairly bullet-proof.  Only time will tell.

I’m looking forward to our next meeting on 2nd November at Darnford Moors.  It’ll be interesting to try out a different venue.  The speaker, Margaret Bullock is going to talk about the National Memorial Arboretum which I’m really looking forward to hearing about.  Please bring friends with you if you’d like to, the more the merrier.  We average about 20 ladies to our meetings at present so it would  be nice to get a few more.  Before we know where we are, it will be Christmas and hopefully it will be better than the last one when when we were locked down at the last minute.  It seems from the News recently that we may need to start our Christmas shopping a little earlier this year.  Hopefully we will still be able to get our turkeys and pigs in blankets. 

In September David and I marshalled at the St Giles’ Hero Walk in Beacon Park.  It was a lovely occasion and lots of families wearing Super Hero outfits took part.  Hopefully they made lots of money, as I’m sure, like a lot of charities, they desperately need it.  I hadn’t realised that Beacon Park was so big, and we were marshalling on the edge of the golf course.  I was very taken with the Storm Troopers and a few photos are attached. 

We are off to Whitstable, our 2nd home, on Friday and are looking forward to seeing our grandchildren during their half term.

Just to finish, we still need a Chairman next year and now that I’m coming towards the end of my second year as your Chairman, we need to give some serious thought to finding someone to take over next April.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at our meeting in November.

Pat Dimeloe