November 2022: Chairman’s Message

It’s been a while since my last bulletin report.  A lot has certainly happened.  Sadly we lost our Queen which was very sad.  She was such a wonderful Monarch and we all felt her loss.  We did, of course, gain a new Monarch, King Charles and I am sure he will represent us very well especially with the support of his Consort, Queen Camilla.  As we all know too well, behind every man there’s a very capable woman. Then of course, we had the Prime Minister fiasco.  Hopefully, at last we have a Prime Minister who will do his best for the Country and not try and bankrupt us all. 

On a personal note, I have spent a lot of time at our other house in Whitstable.  We recently went for another 3 weeks as our youngest daughter, Jo had a hysterectomy and needed help with our grandsons and dog while she was recovering.  Needless to say, the dog was a doddle! We came home for a rest but did end up going back for another week when she had a bit of a wobble.  Hence the reason why I have missed a few meetings but will definitely be there for our Christmas meeting.  I understand from Jenny’s report that the last two meetings went very well.  I also heard that at the last meeting, the food at the Golf Club was delicious and enjoyed by all.  Trust me to miss it.

On Sunday a few of us were at the Arboretum for the Remembrance Service and our Chairman Jenny laid a wreath on our behalf, pictures attached.  She looked very lovely in her red coat and did us proud.  This was followed by a delicious lunch at the hall in Alrewas with lots of seconds.  It was, as usual, impeccably organised by Mac Cummings and Co.  Thanks must go to them for all their hard work. Unfortunately Peter and Sue Dimeloe were unable to be there as they both have Covid.  They are usually part of Mac’s helpers.  I spoke to Sue on Saturday and she is slowly recovering but of the two of them, has been the most poorly.  There was obvious concern for Peter but thankfully he is doing OK.  Lots of love to you both.

Our love and best wishes also to Helen and to anyone else who is not so well at present.  Please let us know so we can support you in some way.

Love and best wishes


Pat xx