November 2021 : Chairman’s Report

Hello Tangent Friends,

Hope you’re all well. Since my last report we have met at Darnford Moors for a very enjoyable Speaker meeting. The Speaker, Margaret Bullock, from the National Memorial Arboretum gave us a very informative talk. The venue and lunch were very good and several members were able to walk there, it helped being a lovely bright sunny day. Jenny Gray, as our newest member, lit the candle of friendship.

I attended the National Memorial Arboretum on Sunday for the Remembrance Day Service and was very honoured to present a wreath on behalf of Tangent at our memorial, along with the rest of the Round Table family. This was followed by a very enjoyable lunch at the Village Hall in Alrewas organised by Mac Cummings and his team. It was lovely to see Kate Horton and she was looking well, though still undergoing tests to get her medication sorted.

I was invited by Tangles to their Pudding Club evening on 4th November. It was a great< evening and they were really welcoming. The puddings were amazing and I went home feeling very full.

On Thursday I went to Pam Bolton’s house for a Coffee Morning which was well attended< and it was lovely to meet up with them all and enjoy lots of chatter. I was very pleased to meet Peggy Ebery who is quite a character and a great teller of jokes I understand. We are off to Bermuda on Tuesday for 9 days so have been busy arranging all the necessary Covid tests etc. We have to have two more while we’re there! This is a holiday that has been cancelled twice due to Covid so until we’re on the plane and sipping our gin and tonics, I won’t relax.

I’m looking forward to our Christmas lunch meeting on 15th December. How are you getting on with the Dingbats? I did very well at first but have hit a bit of a brick wall. Will have to have another go. There will be 29 of us at the meeting which is an excellent turnout and I’m hoping to induct Lyn Kightley into Tangent.

We will be going to Whitstable for Christmas to meet up with all our family which we are looking forward to.

Sorry but I couldn’t leave without a reminder that we still need a Chairman for next year. Please give it some serious thought or maybe stand for some other office on the Exec as we are all coming to the end of our second year.

Lots of love to you all
Pat xx