Message from Chairman Roe – November 2018

Christmas Tree Decorations

This November seventeen of us gathered in Martin Heath Hall to make Christmas Tree Decorations under the expert guidance of Mandy and Val.  Some very talented people produced felt Christmas trees, hearts decorated with holly and a trio of small picture tags. It was a very enjoyable and busy evening from which we came away with lots of clever ideas for being crafty and for upcycling things.

Tea, coffee and mince pies were the principle offerings, however the shortbread biscuits proved most popular. Thank you to everyone for bringing in the pies and shortbread biscuits.

Again, I must say a big thank you to Ruth for organising this event and would like to say how much I enjoyed myself.

Although unable to attend herself, Helen ensured there was a raffle by asking Jenny to take over. Thank you so much Jenny and Helen. By the way, Pat won the prize.

By the time these words hit the website, Remembrance Sunday will have been and gone. I know I will see some of you there or at the lunch that follows, it sounds as if it is going to be well attended.

The Christmas meeting is almost on us, where does the time go I keep asking myself? I hope to see lots of you at the Old Vicarage wearing your festive jewellery or jumpers. I think of this meeting as the start of the Christmas over-indulgences, a busy time of year for our tummies.