January 2023: Chairman’s Message

Firstly, I have to say how sad I am with the loss of our dear member Helen. I
unfortunately did not get to know her well. I do know that she was a very courageous
lady and I was so sad to hear that she had finally lost her very courageous battle
against this beastly disease. I have sent a condolence card to her family on behalf of
you all.

The December Christmas meeting, which I unfortunately had to miss which was held
at the golf club, was a great success, with you being very well entertained by my
dear friend Rhona Pownall who I believe caused a lot of amusement.

We have just held the January meeting, also at the golf club. Our speaker was
David Dimeloe, who gave a very interesting talk on the Sandfields Pumping Station
of which he is a Trustee. He said that we would be made very welcome if we wished
to visit the station. Must think about it. It would make a very interesting outing.

Our next meeting on the 7th February will be at the golf club and our speaker will be
Mary Morris from the Lichfield Fitness Centre.

March meeting will be an Afternoon Tea, Venue to be arranged.

April meeting the AGM…. Then my year finishes……All of you please consider
taking on the Chair. We need a Chairman to continue. It is not an onerous position..
With a good secretary, good treasurer, and a speaker secretary, the most you have
to do is to stand up and speak at the meetings.

Can I please take this opportunity to thank all those who sent me Get well wishes.
Wishing you all a Healthy 2023.