Chatter Archive

Tangent News for March 2022

Hello Ladies

Not a lot to be chatty about as we finally surface from one difficult situation only to be plunged into another. Our thoughts and prayers to all those suffering in the Ukraine. 

Thanks to Pat for arranging a lovely afternoon tea which 27 of us enjoyed though only the select few had a complimentary hair restyling care of the blow heater! So nice to see so many friendly faces again and a warm welcome to our newest member Pauline. 

This rainy miserable weather continues to test us. Surely sunshine is on its way?

Have you started planning holidays to sunnier climes, hopefully we can now all think about breaks away. 

Our sympathies go to Cynthia and her family for their sad loss and we send our love. As always love and support to those members struggling with health issues. I understand Mac is recovering well from Covid and Jean has remained unscathed. 

Thanks to Deirdre and Liz for their contribution to the Club, to Pat for doing such a good job as Chairman over a difficult two years and to Pearl for the many many years of dedication. 

On this note I’ll say ttfn, enjoyed ‘chatting’ to you all


With love

Sue xx

Tangent News for February 2022

Hello Ladies

It’s been a while since my last Chatter section so I hope this finds everyone well and optimistic now that life is gradually getting easier and the snowdrops have raised their pretty little heads. The milder weather is certainly very welcome. 

We had a good meeting last Wednesday evening with 16 attending and Brenda popping along later. The baby photo quiz was a hoot and well done Mary who somehow managed to identify 6 of us!  Most of us only managed two or three one of which was the obvious, good fun. 

It was super to see Helen there even though she is now classed as blind, such a brave lady.  The evening’s entertainment was provided by Jennie T and Jenny G who both took a tumble and ended up entangled on the floor. I do hope you are both ok and not suffering from too many bruises. Our best wishes go to those members who are struggling with their health and we send them our love. 

The Pedestrian path that circumvents Beacon Park has now been completed and it makes a very pleasant flat stroll around the entire park taking about 30-40 minutes depending on whether you are ‘power walking’ or holding the hand of a three year old! Quite a nice thing to do on a sunny day. There are some lovely clumps of snowdrops appearing. 

Another nice stroll is at The Deer Park, just by Hoar Cross Hall near Yoxall. A walk through the woods and beyond then back to the cafe for coffee or lunch. There is also a farm and gift shop. 

Jennie has asked that ALL members send her any change in their contact details before the new Directory is drawn up. 

Pat asked again for members to consider taking on a role to help keep our Club active and running. There are vacancies for:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Meals and Attendance
  • Entertainments
  • Bulletin Officer
  • Speaker Secretary

Please volunteer, we all enjoy keeping in touch with much loved friends and we can’t do it without you. 

Details of the next meetings are in the Calendar section. 

Love to you all


Sue xx

Tangent News for November 2021

Hello Ladies

What beautiful autumn colours we are seeing this year but not so much fun gathering the leaves up!

I hope you have all had a good month. I was sorry to miss the November lunch, everyone I have spoken to has told me how good it was both the food and the location. I’m pleased it went well. 

I think Pat’s chatty report covers all the news and I haven’t seen anyone to hear any juicy gossip so not much to report. Needless to say our love goes to all our members who have health issues. 

Time to get in the Christmas mood, get the decorations out and start shopping! Look forward to seeing you all at our Christmas lunch. 

Love to you all
Sue xx

Tangent News for October 2021

Hello Ladies

Autumn is upon us and what a strange 18 months we have had. I’m not sure any of us could have predicted that we would all be carrying gel and face masks in our handbags as a must have! I hope all of you have managed to stay safe and well and will continue to do so. 

It was lovely to all get together at The Vicarage for the October Meeting and very good of Pascal to open the restaurant just for us. It was nice to have some normality and to see good friends again. 

I’m struggling to find much to ‘chatter’ about, not a lot on the t.v unless of course you are a Strictly fan, which I am. I just love the dancers and dances but the hype is getting a bit out of control.  Bake Off is ok if again you fast forward through the silly bits but I do wish the ‘Showstopper’ wasn’t so extreme, simple is best. 

I guess it’s time to tidy up the garden and put it to bed for the winter and hopefully when those daffs poke their heads up in Spring the world will be a safer place. 

We send all our Members who are struggling with health issues our love and best wishes and fingers crossed for Helen as she undergoes more scans. Sending love to Kate Horton, who is suffering with seizures and our support to Jenny Chapman, as Pete has suffered a small stroke which thankfully he is recovering from. 

We are having a Guess Who quiz at our February 2022 meeting and Pearl has asked if you could send/give her a photo of yourself as a baby/small child. However you may, like me, be struggling to find one, it may mean a visit to the attic and certainly a duster!

Also we have been asked by The Exec to provide a raffle prize to the value of £5, wrapped and ready.  Tangent funds are low due to Website costs, which we share with 41 Club and not being able to hold meetings and sell raffle tickets throughout the pandemic. 

I have attached a revised Calendar as some of our meetings have had to be rearranged. 

As Pat has mentioned in her Chairman’s Report we will be in need of a Chairman for next year. It is a rewarding and fulfilling role and really not at all onerous. Hopefully someone will feel tempted to take it on. Also very sadly but completely understandably, Pearl is stepping down from her role as Meals Secretary.  I have lost track of how many years she has so efficiently, politely and dependably looked after all of us but we will miss her greatly. I speak as Past Chairman and on behalf of all the Club when I say a big THANK YOU for everything. This will mean we will be in need of a new Meals Secretary too. 

Love to you all


Sue xx

Tangent News for July 2021

Hello Ladies

I hope you are all well and staying cool in this heatwave we are having. Gosh it’s a scorcher out there, I for one am hiding in a cool dark room. 

So here we are Boris’ Freedom Day – I have to admit it the whole thing rather frightens me. Peter’s vaccinations didn’t work for him so I’m not sure where that leaves us. I’m sure there are others amongst us in a similar position so I send heartfelt wishes to all to stay safe and well. 

The Tea Party was very successful and enjoyed by everyone, it was so nice to see member’s friendly faces once more in a relaxed outdoor setting.  Jennie’s garden looked lovely and the food delicious. Thanks to all involved.  I attach (well David Cole really!) some photos of the afternoon. 

I hope all of our poorly members continue to improve or remain as stable as possible and we send you all our love. 

Enjoy these long summer days and hope to see you at the August meeting at The Old Vicarage (details in Calendar).

Happy Nightclubbing!

Love Sue xxx

Tangent News for May 2021

Hello Ladies

Well I must say it feels wonderful to be writing this after our first ‘proper’ meeting since goodness knows when. I was sorry not to be able to join you all but I was looking after my 2 year old granddaughter, the first time I have been able to have her in the house for 15 months so a real treat for me. 

I’m sure it was great to catch up with old friends and see friendly faces again, probably quite emotional too. Jennie T tells me 20 of you enjoyed a short walk around the nature reserve and then had a good lunch at The Kingfisher and especially nice that Mary Jones and Helen were able to be there. A warm welcome too to our new member Jenny Gray who has transferred in from Walsall Tangent, thanks to Deidre for organising the event. 

If only the weather would pick up a bit life would be almost perfect, it is still so cold and wet, we shall have to hope for an Indian Summer, well any sort of summer I guess. I’m sure by now you have all had your two vaccine doses and I do hope none of you experienced any nasty side effects, the NHS has done such an amazing job rolling out these vaccines we can only applaud them. 

Do any of you have any travel plans or are most of us staycationing? Airports don’t appeal to me just yet but I would certainly welcome some warmth. 

I understand Ruth R is having her ankle replacement on the 20th of this month so we send our love and best wishes to her for a successful outcome. Continued love and support to Helen whose tenacity to defeat her cancer is nothing short of inspirational. We send love to Kate H and hope she is feeling better and more informed about her condition, love too to Jackie L who is undergoing tests at the moment, Jeanette M has recently returned home from a back operation so our very best wishes to her for a speedy recovery and love to all our members who may have struggled with lockdown. 

Our next meeting will be a joint meeting with 41 Club at Lullington in June and we look forward to all meeting up again at Jennie’s in July. Dates and details are in The Calendar. 

With love


Tangent News for January 2021

Dear Members

Hello and how are you all?  I hope by now some of you have had your vaccination and others have a date or soon to get one. This is the one ray of sunshine at the moment. January is always a long month to get through however there are signs of life in the garden with snowdrops and daffs popping up to make us smile. 

Our daily walks are getting a bit samey and the paths through Darnford Park are very well trodden now and almost a quagmire so boots essential. I walked past Dorothy Jones the other day and said ‘hello Judy’ – COVID brain has set in, apologies Dorothy. 

Can any of you recommend some good books? I’ve read quite a few lately but none of them exceptional although The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah was worth reading. What is everyone doing to fill their day? I’ve knitted a jumper which has turned out ok if not a little on the large size (excuse to eat more cake) and am now crocheting bunnies for my grandchildren although my arthritic thumbs are not best pleased. 

We send our love to Helen and Wendy who are continuing their struggles. Wendy is beginning to feel much better in herself and Helen is now receiving treatment at Derby.  We are fighting with you girls, keep going strong. 

Well I’m afraid I haven’t got any news as I haven’t seen anybody but I do hope you are well and so miss seeing you all. 

Take great care

Love Sue xxx

Tangent News for November 2020

Hello Ladies

So nice to be chatting again to you all although I have nothing to chat about!

I do hope you are all staying sane and positive during the latest lockdown, so deflating and lowering but very necessary so we just have to grin and bear it and hope the vaccine comes to fruition. Peter has received a letter from his best friend ‘Matt’ (Hancock) stating that although they can’t ask him to shield the inference was very much that he should – hey ho more gin needed!

We have some good news to share and we send our congratulations to Deirdre and Jim on the birth of their grandson Jamie.  I hope you get to have lots of cuddles very soon. 

Such a shame we can’t get together for our Christmas meal, a bit of normality would have been a great boost to us all, maybe we should cook a turkey fillet (or veggie) on Tuesday 2nd December a raise a glass to Tangent and Fellowship.  Thanks to Pearl and Pascal for their endeavours. 

Our love and best wishes go to Helen and Wendy for their continued struggle, I’m sure I speak for all of you when I say we have nothing but admiration for you both. 

Jennie T has been in touch with Audrey’s daughter and Audrey is safe and well at Footherley Hall and seems to understand that no one can visit at the moment. Mary Jones is also well although struggling with arthritis and her leg still not good. Thanks Jennie for keeping us up to date. 

Our thanks go to Pat and David for attending The National Arboretum to lay wreaths on behalf of The Club for Remembrance Day and attached are photos which Mary kindly took. 

Take great care everyone

Love Sue xx

Tangent News for August 2020

Hello Ladies

Do hope everyone is OK and managing to work their way around the ever changing rules for looking after ourselves! I think the best plan is to decide what is best for you and stick to it. We can’t do any more. 

I think Pat’s chatty foreword has covered most of the news and there is not a lot more I can add.  The Garden Parties did go very well and it was so good to see faces we hadn’t seen since before March. Jennie and Jenny did a great job of distancing those they had in their gardens and we all felt safe and able to relax.  So nice to see Wendy there and to see her looking so well. I am attaching (or rather the wonderful Mr Cole is attaching) some photos of the afternoon that Pat took. In the end we didn’t move around too much as we got rather settled in our own groups so apologies and thanks to Deirdre for organising the event although we didn’t fully adhere to the rules. 

Peter and I were released from captivity last Saturday so to celebrate we visited NT Kedleston Hall for a timed visit.  It was lovely to be out and about and the walks there are beautiful, I was however disappointed that the Cafe wasn’t open as I was so looking forward to my first purchased coffee and scone – we had to make do with tea in a paper cup which wasn’t quite the same. 

Funny old weather we are having one minute we are looking for a jumper and the next stripping off, it’s a crazy old world at the moment. 

Hope you are managing to see your family and friends, albeit externally now that things are a little easier, it’s good to keep in touch and try to make things a bit more normal.

We send our best wishes to Helen, Wendy and Sheila for their recovery and to any of our members who may be struggling in one way or another.  We are only a phone call away if we can help in any way.

Masks to the fore and stay safe all,

Sue xx

Tangent News for July 2020

Hello Ladies

Here we are again and another month has passed by, gosh where is the time going to as already we find ourselves in Summer! Looking out of the window that takes some believing but hopefully the sun will grace us with her presence soon.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and have found ways to pass the time. The theatres are still streaming past shows and National Trust Gardens are opening. Have any of you been yet? I think Peter and I might venture out and try one early in August when those of us in the ‘shielded’ group are eventually released back into society. Taking very great care of course, but oh how lovely that would be.

Deirdre is organising our next Tangent meeting on 4th August, details are here in the Bulletin. We hope that you can join us and all measures will be taken to keep us all safe. Thanks to Deirdre for arranging this.

I expect we have all settled into some sort of rhythm now as the weeks tick by, if any of you have some good suggestions as to how to while away a few hours (apart from opening another bottle of wine!) then please let us know.

I finished a very good book recently: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens – I can really recommend that.

Take great care everyone and hope to see you on 4th August.

Sue xx

Tangent News for June 2020

Hello Ladies,

I hope you all continue to stay well and keep safe. Another month has rolled by and very slowly this awful pandemic is hopefully receding but I say that holding my breath and keeping my fingers firmly crossed.

The weather has been our redeemer throughout this last month giving us the opportunity to enjoy the changing season in our gardens and on our safe walks for those of us that have been able to get out. Having to shield Peter has made me very aware of the restrictions some of us are under and how difficult it has been but I think if we all apply common sense and stay alert hopefully things will improve, and we can furtively make the odd transgression. 

It is Audrey Lunn’s 87th birthday on Friday 5th June and if anyone would like to send her a birthday card her address is: Footherley Hall, Footherley Lane, Lichfield WS140HG.

Here is a list of gardens you can visit ‘virtually’, worth a look if you are missing visiting National Trust gardens or similar:

The National Trust are beginning to reopen some of their gardens but check the website first –

Chairman Pat has outlined in her report some of the things that your Exec is planning.  Deirdre has come up with a lovely idea to enable us to meet up again safely, but she would very much appreciate it if any of you feel able to host in offering your garden.  We need two gardens big enough to socially distance ten members, preferably with some shade should the weather be hot. You do not have to provide anything as the intention is for members to bring their own chair and refreshments. She is trying to keep it local to Lichfield to make it work more seamlessly.   Please get in touch with me: or Deirdre:

I do hope all of you are managing to stay sane and composed and are able to keep in touch with family and friends in one way or another. Stay safe and keep smiling (before we know it it will be Christmas!!)

Sue xx

Tangent News for May 2020

Hello Ladies

Well I am suppose to be chattering away with all sorts of news and gossip but I am racking my brain (now singular and ever diminishing with lockdown) as to what I might talk to you all about. I could mention the crossword I did yesterday or the TV programme I watched last night but not really very exciting for you. I could also list all the different weeds that I have found in the garden and sadly even their latin names – one must occupy their time somehow!

Seriously though I do hope you are all keeping well and able to amuse yourselves during these quite unbelievable times. From chatting to some of you I sense that most of us have got into some sort of routine and the days and weeks are drifting by reasonably comfortably and many of us are welcoming the enforced break as a time to reevaluate the things that are important to us. Sometimes it is nice to get off the merry go round for a little while.

Jennie T has been in touch with Mary Jones and Audrey Lunn and she tells me they are both well if not a little bored. Thank you for getting in touch Jennie and keeping us informed, I’m sure they must both feel a little cut off now with fewer visitors although I am sure their families will be keeping in regular contact.

Thank you to those who have made laundry bags for the hospital workers, well done all. I helped out via my tennis club as we have quite a few members who are nurses and doctors and I’m sure just knowing that there are people out there helping and offering their support must make a huge difference to them.

We had such beautiful weather in April I expect many of us were either in our gardens or taking our ‘safe’ walks around and about or maybe both. Sunshine makes such a huge difference to our mood too, and we feel less trapped somehow.

There are a few things to look at online on those not so sunny days, the Royal Opera House is streaming two or three ballets and operas; The National Gallery is offering virtual tours of parts of their gallery. If you fancy going on safari there are Sofa Safaris available too, just google ROH, The National Gallery or Sofa Safaris and you’ll get whisked away.  Also there are shows available on the following link: online_51198.html

I hope you are all managing to get your shopping or anything else you need, if anyone needs any help in any way or just a chat then please get in touch, we are all here to help one another through this strange passage of time. Also if you have some news or information to share then please let me know 

Love to you all, hope those waistlines aren’t expanding too much with the home baking (flour availability permitting). Keep safe

ps. Jennie T has been in touch with Audrey’s Daughter. Audrey is well and happy and she would love to hear from any tangent friends. So a card or letter. Footherley Hall, Footherley Lane. Shenstone WS14 0HG.

Sue xx

Tangent News for April 2020

Well, we are in the midst of such awful times for the world at the moment and we can only hope that things will very soon get back to normal, if ever they will be normal again. I do hope our members are managing as best they can.

On Tuesday 7th April the Exec held a virtual meeting via Zoom to enable the changeover of Officers to take place. This was not only making history for our Club but was both hilarious and instructive for us all in taking a good time to get up and running with a few technical issues! We did it and we were able to welcome in our new Chairman Pat and give grateful thanks on behalf of all our members to Mary for doing such a wonderful job. The remaining positions on the Exec were voted in on the Club’s behalf with the exception of a Vice if anyone would like to step forward to help Pat out this year. Jennie will be sending round the Minutes for you all to read.

For obvious reasons no Programme of Events has been arranged yet.

We have some good news to share with you all, Mary has become a grandmother to twin granddaughters to her daughter Alice. So exciting for them and we send our warmest congratulations.

Helen continues with her battle against cancer and has had a further setback requiring further surgery. This has unfortunately led to her resigning her position as our Treasurer. We thank her for all her hard work and contributions as Treasurer and send our love and best wishes, keep fighting Helen!

With regard to our Chatter section I would welcome any contributions from Members for ideas on how we might alleviate the long hours of being at home, suggestions for walks (until we are banned), websites ie. The National Theatre, that you know are live streaming their shows, gardening tips, recipes from our store cupboards and possibly dieting tips! Please email me on

Also if anyone hears any news of past or present members who are struggling or in need of help or just a friendly phone call let me know. 

And please please let me have any good news as we are all in desperate need of it.

Finally we congratulate Pat and wish her good luck for her year in the Chair which I think will be quite challenging and certainly very different and also big thanks to Jennie for her Chatterings last year.

Sue Dimeloe

Tangent News for March 2020

Chairman Mary organised a most enjoyable Chairman’s meeting on Tuesday March 3rd.  It was a luncheon at the Chapters restaurant in the Cathedral Close,  about 23+ members attended and the meal was excellent, a substantial helping of quiche or an enormous filled baked potato , all served with salads.  It was a time of fun and lots of chatting, and was followed by a guided tour of our beautiful Cathedral.  We split into 2 groups and both the 2 guides were absolutely super, it was a very informative and fascinating tour, having lived in Lichfield for nearly 45 years, I learned a huge amount, things I had never heard about before, so thank you Mary for organising a very happy and interesting day. 

Tangent News for February 2020

The February meal meeting at the Old Vicarage was well attended with about 29 members present.   Before we sat down to our meals, Chairman Mary asked Ruth to light the Friendship Candle.  We were so very pleased to see Mary Jones, our Honorary Life Member come and also Hazel Stanton who has been very poorly, so a huge welcome was given to them.  Everyone retired upstairs to listen to the Speaker who gave an interesting historical talk about Stafford Goal.  We are now looking forward to the Luncheon organised by 41 Club at Fairlawns hotel in Aldridge on Sunday February 16th – everyone to dress up smartly!! The next Tangent meeting is Chairman’s choice and will be a luncheon at Chapters in the Close, Lichfield, preceded by a tour of the Cathedral.  Pearl will send out details in due course.

Mary, together with several Tangent members attended Pat’s funeral in January.  Another sad event during Mary’s year in the Chair.

Notice from Pam B:  Next Coffee Mornings as follows: 

February 19 Lunch at 1709 (numbers in to Pam by Monday Feb 17)

March 18             at Pam’s

The Coffee Morning Page has been updated


3rd July 2019

Audrey would welcome visits at Footherley Nursing Home from any Tangent members. And include the attached photo please. Visits are allowed at any time of the day. 

July meeting –  17 members enjoyed a guided tour around some of Lichfield’s most historic places, with plenty of ghostly stories from our Guide.  We heard about ghostly happenings at Erasmus Darwin’s house, the King’s Head Inn and learned many fascinating facts about old Lichfield .  Supper was then enjoyed at 55 Wade Street.

Coffee morning fundraiser – It is hoped that members will support the Tangent Fund-Raising Coffee morning to be held at Jennie Tipper’s house on Friday July 12 from 10.30-1pm.  Monies raised will go to Cancer Research UK charity.

Love Jennie


12th May 2019

If anyone is able to visit our new Honorary Members, Mary Jones and Audrey Lunn, their visit would be most welcome.  Mary is out of hospital but is still in pain with severe sciatica. 

Audrey is on good form at Footherley Nursing Home where she is well looked after and is happy. 


Bulletin Chatter March 2019

Another very enjoyable meal at the Old Vicarage and a very interesting Speaker about the History of Alrewas.  Lynne was obviously conscious of the time guidance she had been given, but I for one, would have been very happy to hear more from her.  Thanks Liz for your arrangements. 

Jenny Hodgson was the lucky raffle winner.  Apparently Roe was one number out.  Never mind Roe, better luck next time.

We send best wishes to Cynthia and John Tipper as John’s recovery continues at home.

As we all know (or should) our next meeting is the AGM.  Roe has included this in her report asking for ALL members to give thought to taking up a position.  Please do so for the continued success of our Club.

If for any genuine reason you are unable to attend AGM but are willing to  stand,  please let Roe or Secretary Jennie Tipper know as soon as possible, (preferably before the Executive Meeting to be held next Friday 22 March) but prior to the AGM would be helpful.

Come on Ladies we do not want to experience a repeat of what is currently happening at Westminster with the “B” word!

Next Meeting:                         Tuesday 2 April 2019

                                                A.G.M. at The Old Vicarage

                             Pearl will be sending menu details as soon as these are available

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who continues to do all the clever stuff.

Bye for now

Jenny C


Bulletin Chatter February 2019

As I was unable to attend Afternoon Tea, I have no Chatter.

Just a reminder that we must book in with menu choice to Pearl for the March meeting at the Old Vicarage no later than Monday 25 February

Bulletin Chatter January 2019

Roe has written in detail about our January meeting at the Royal Oak, Kings Bromley and as I did not hear any gossip to pass on, there is nothing for me to add.

Once again, Pat Dimeloe was the lucky raffle winner.  Pat, just wondering, do you put something sticky on your ticket????

41 Club Chairman’s Drinks  Thanks to Chairman John for hosting this annual event on the 6 January.

As we all know, behind every successful man there has to be a woman!  Thanks too to Mary for preparing a wonderful buffet with help from their family.

Next Meeting:            

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Afternoon Tea at Mabel’s Curborough

Pearl has circulated the details 

Deadline for booking in with Pearl is  MONDAY 21 JANUARY 2019

Pearl thanks for struggling out last Tuesday and, as Roe says, do hope you are now feeling much better and brighter.

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now

Jenny C

* * * * *


Bulletin Chatter December 2018

Roe has covered the Christmas meeting details in her message – no business, great food, fellowship and plenty of laughter and chat. What more can a Tangent member ask for?

The lucky raffle winners were Margaret, Cynthia, Elaine and Bev (Brenda’s sister –  who joins us occasionally).

Cynthia – Jennie took your raffle prize home so if you have not received it yet, please give Jennie a gentle nudge!

Our thanks to Chairman Roe for the chocolates on the table – much appreciated (and my favourite!).

We send our good wishes to Helen who is currently recovering from surgery.

Best wishes also to Pat and Roy Burbridge as they both have health problems and of course to Cynthia, John and Family as John’s recovery continues.

The Wednesday Coffee Morning Meeting dates list has been updated so please check the Calendar on the website.  If you want further information on the coffee mornings please speak to Pam Bolton.

Dates to Remember:                  

Tuesday 8 January 2019 next meeting at The Royal Oak, Kings Bromley.  

Pearl has circulated the detail.

Deadline for menu choice and booking in with Pearl is 1 JANUARY 2019 

Christmas Greetings: Both Peter and I wish you and your families a Very Happy Christmas and every good wish for the New Year.

Guess What?? There is still a vacancy for Vice Chairman – please give the matter thought!

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now and Happy Christmas

Jenny C

* * * * *

Bulletin Chatter November 2018

Only thirteen members and four guests attended our meeting, including yours truly, so I have not had to rely on another member to tell me what happened! It was lovely to see Rosemary Briggs and the other three guests I think may have (or had), connections with Sutton Coldfield Tangent, as they came with Deidre and Pat D.

Roe has covered the meeting and I have to admit that I was not enthused about the idea of a Craft Evening before going along but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my decoration efforts are not destined for the dustbin, much to my surprise and delight. Thanks to Mandy and Val for their patience and once again, to Ruth for arranging the evening.

Best wishes to Pat Burbridge as she continues with health problems and of course to Cynthia, John and Family as John continues to make a slow recovery. Also we send our best wishes to Helen who is to undergo further surgery
later this month.

Dates to Remember:

Christmas meeting on 4 December at the Old Vicarage.

Do hope you remembered that 10 November was the deadline for booking in!

Guess What?? There is still a vacancy for Vice Chairman – please give the matter thought!

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now
Jenny C

* * * * *

Postscript: The Remembrance Service at the Arboretum took place earlier today (11.11.2018) followed by a shorter service and gathering at the Round Table Family Garden where our Chairman Roe laid a wreath on behalf of Lichfield Tangent.

After the service eighty plus members from the RT Family enjoyed lunch at Alrewas Village Hall which had been organised by members of Lichfield 41 Club. Many thanks to all those involved!

Bulletin Chatter October 2018

My grateful thanks, this month, to Ruth who has supplied chatter following the Afternoon Tea at the Barn, which I was unable to attend due to holiday.  I am hoping to be at the November meeting so I can make up my own stuff.

We had a jolly good time at Afternoon Tea, much laughter, chatter and tasty sandwiches, cakes and scones in relaxing ambient surroundings.  Unfortunately, Pat Dimeloe couldn’t make it as she was at the mercy of BT.  It was good to see Pauline out and about after her hip op. and also Helen, after her latest surgery.

Two raffle prizes (there’s posh!), thanks to a kind donation from Betty.  Members either side of Ruth were the lucky winners (see photo).  Roe managed to interrupt the chat and say a few words which are covered in her piece


We have received the following, self-explanatory e-mail from Cynthia :-

On Friday, 5 October 2018, 20:51, Cynthia Tipper <> wrote:

Hello All,

Jo has asked me to forward her email to friends. Please don’t be offended, but I know she wanted to do something to support John. If just one or two of you could make a donation, I know it would be very much appreciated. This link explains it all.

John is still at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham and awaiting a place at a rehab centre, with a view to eventually coming home.

Take care and love to everyone



 Dates to Remember:    

Deadline Tuesday 30 October to book in direct with Ruth, with payment, for our meeting on 6 November “Christmas Crafts for the Tree”.

Help is needed to set up the hall at 7.00pm prior to meeting at 7.30pm and also to clear up at the end!  Please volunteer and let Ruth know.

Deadline Saturday 10 November to book in with Pearl together with payment for our Christmas meeting on 4 December.

Guess What??   There is still a vacancy for Vice Chairman – please give the matter thought!

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now

Jenny C

Tangent Meeting 4 September 2018

First and foremost, my grateful thanks to Jean Cummings who kindly provides the Chatter for this month’s update.

25 ladies saw Ruth Robinson light the friendship candle and Mary Ward say grace. An excellent meal followed finished off with coffee/tea and chocolates, these were from Tangles 5th Birthday “Do” attended by Roe.

The Speaker was introduced by Liz, who is Liz’s friend June.  The talk title was “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, accompanied by slides of buildings in Lichfield.

I love all the old buildings in the City, but I have to say architects, planners and the Council allow these modern buildings to be built!

The motto from June was “whilst walking around look up”.

Viv gave the vote of thanks.


  1. If you would like to go to Wintertons visit, Sept. 17th, please contact Rob Horton.
  2. 41 Club are organising a Remembrance Sunday lunch, 11th November.  Book in with Andrew Stanton, ASAP, as it is first come, first served.
  3. A note of thanks had been received from Pauline Hopkins.
  4. Next meeting 2 October at The Barn, Heart of the Country for Afternoon Tea – details to follow.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm

There is still a vacancy for Vice Chairman – please give the matter thought!

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now

Jenny C

Meeting 8 August 2018


Mary wishes to remind those members who have not yet paid their subs of £10 to let her have payment as soon as possible, if not yesterday! 

Big thanks to Ruth for arranging a great evening of archery.  Only seven attended – quality not quantity – and we had excellent tuition from the

Lichfield Archers Club members who were there to help us.  We had several rounds of shooting at the target – some being better than others.  Scoring took place on the final round and our Champion is Jane Hartley.  Photo evidence provided.

Pat Dimeloe reminds members about the fundraising Ladies Lunch  to be held on 3 September at Moxhull Hall. Details can still be found on the website.

Roe mentions several dates in her report for forthcoming meetings and events, please make a note in your diaries.

There is still a vacancy for Vice Chairman – please give the matter thought! (This message will not go away until a member steps up to the plate!).

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now

Jenny C

Meeting 3 July 2018

Big thanks to Roe (and David) for hosting and looking after us all so well for our Commonwealth Evening meeting including the Commonwealth Quiz (courtesy of Roe)  which proved both entertaining and informative.  Also thanks to Pearl for co-ordinating food and numbers.

Pat Dimeloe has asked me to remind members about the fundraising Ladies Lunch  to be held on 3 September at Moxhull Hall, again for the Cancer Support Centre.  Details are attached to this bulletin.

Jean says thanks to those members who contributed books and/or attended the Open Garden event.  Her second hand book stall raised £120 with the event raising a total of £8,500.

Jennie T was the lucky raffle prize winner – a colourful pashmina – which was much appreciated when the temperature dropped.

As Roe has reminded us, our next meeting is WEDNESDAY 8 August for Archery.  Details will be circulated as soon as they are finalised and remember NO PERMANENT LIST, so all attending must book in.

There is still a vacancy for Vice Chairman – please give the matter thought!

(This message will not go away until a member steps up to the plate!)

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now

Jenny C

Medical Matters:

Pauline’s hip operation was on 4 July and she is now back home. Best wishes for a good recovery.  Pauline would love to see or hear from members any time after next weekend and suggests a phone call or message

Click picture for full size

before a visit would be much appreciated.

Our best wishes also to Hon. Member Pat Burbridge, who we hope is enjoying better health this week.

A Ladies Lunch is to be held on 3 September at Moxhull Hall, again for the Cancer Support Centre.

Meeting 5 June 2018

Thanks again to Ruth and Pearl for organising our June meeting.

Pearl has already circulated details of our next meeting on 3 July at Chairman Roe’s home – Commonwealth Evening is the theme. Please remember to let Pearl know whether you will be attending and what dish you will be taking no later than Tuesday 26 June and don’t forget the PERMANENT LIST HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED, so we must all book in.

Should any member have any second hand books for Jean Cummings stall on 23/24 June, please contact Jean direct to arrange delivery. Thank you to those members who remembered and brought books to the meeting.

Belinda has sent us the following message :-

Many of you will remember Peter and Lyn Evans who were in 1200 and 1104.  They are coming up for the weekend 14th July and we are planning a reunion.  If you would like to join us to catch up with Lyn and Pete over a drink, we shall be at the Etching Hill Tennis Club, East Butts Road, Rugeley WS15 2LU on Sunday 15th July from 4 pm onwards.  In addition the club happens to be putting on a simple BBQ (charge per item consumed burger or sausage bap). Please let Belinda know whether you wish to partake in the BBQ. Text or call before 7th July so we can give BBQ numbers to the tennis club

Thank you Belinda

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Pat Dimeloe has asked me to advise members she is holding a fundraising Coffee and Cake event for The Cancer Support Centre on Thursday 5 July 10.30am – 1.00pm at her home 9 Knighton Road, Sutton Coldfield B74 4NY. Tickets £5.00 – take a garden chair and enjoy the sunshine.

There is still a vacancy for Vice Chairman – please give the matter thought!

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now

Jenny C

Meeting 1 May 2018

Roe has covered details of our walk around Longdon and the meal meeting at
the Swan with Two Necks. Thanks to the organisers.

Jennie T. has sent me a copy of our Programme for the next twelve months and this is included on the website.

Pearl will be circulating details of our next meeting on 5 June – visiting the
cellars at Darwin House followed by a meal at ASK.

Roe advised us at the meeting that the PERMANENT LIST FOR ATTENDANCE AT MEETINGS IS BEING DISCONTINUED. No doubt Pearl will mention this in her e-mail but will ALL members please remember to take notice of the new
arrangement and help make Pearl’s life easier!

A request was made on Jean Cummings behalf for second hand paperback
books. Jean will be in charge of the book stall at Lullington Open Gardens in
June and will be grateful for any contributions. Please bring books along to the
June meeting or contact Jean direct if you are unable to attend the meeting.

Joan was the lucky raffle prize winner.

There is still a vacancy for Vice Chairman – please give the matter thought!

Any member wishing to add Chatter to the Bulletin please let me know at and I will ensure it is sent to David Cole, 41 Club
Webmaster, who does all the clever stuff.

Bye for now
Jenny C