Tangent News February 2023

Hello Ladies

Everyone seemed to really enjoy 41 Club Ladies’ Luncheon on Sunday and it was a gorgeous sunny day, so nice after such a long and miserable January which seemed to have twice as many days as it usually does.  The potted daffodils we all received were a lovely reminder that spring is just around the corner.  Jenny made a very entertaining reply to the Chairman on our behalf.  Not an easy task, as I well remember.  Photos can be found at this link .  It was lovely to all get together and have a good catchup and no one seemed in a hurry to leave.

As Jenny has said in her report, we all really enjoyed the speaker in February, Mary Morris who was very youthful and said that we should all do some simple exercises, which she demonstrated, every day. 

I am looking forward to our Chairman’s meeting which is an Afternoon Tea at The Dog in Whittington.  I wonder if they supply doggie bags! 

It is hard to believe that Jenny’s year as our Chairman is nearly over, it seems to have gone by so quickly and I know she thinks so too.  I think it has been a super year and despite being very poorly in December, Jenny has done a great job.  I can still remember the relief I felt when she offered to take it on at our last AGM.  Which of course brings me to say we will need someone to take on the role for 2023/4.  Please give it some serious thought. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at The Dog.


Love Pat xx

Tangent News January 2023

As Jennie is away, I’ve written a brief report on Tuesday’s Meeting. Hope I haven’t missed out anything important

A Brief Report of Tuesday’s Tangent Meeting
Our Chairman Jenny welcomed everyone to the meeting, particularly our guest Pat Brighton and David Dimeloe, our speaker She wished everyone a happy and healthy new year. We all said how delighted we were to see Jenny looking so much better after her recent illness. Jenny said how sorry she was to hear that Helen Dempster had sadly died on 22nd December. Mary then spoke about Helen and her memories and recollections of her and how kind she was. Jenny asked us all to have a minute’s silence with our own thoughts of Helen.

Deirdre said Grace.

After lunch Jenny asked Pat to introduce the Speaker. David was to speak about the
Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield of which he is a Volunteer and Trustee.
David gave a very interesting and informative talk on the Pumping Station, a magnificent
Victorian construction which was built to pump clean water from Lichfield to the Black
Country during the Industrial Revolution when water in the Black Country was of very poor
quality and consequently there were many outbreaks of serious water borne disease, the
worst of which was Cholera. Slides were shown. There were a few questions and Liz who
had visited the Pumping Station advised everyone to go as she had really enjoyed her visit
on Open Day. It was thought that it could be a good outside meeting.

Jenny gave the vote of thanks to David. The raffle was drawn and won by Deirdre.

We drank a toast to the King.

Jenny wished us all well and said she would look forward to the next meeting on 7 th
Love Pat

Tangent News July 2022

Hello Tangent Friends,

Everyone seemed to enjoy our first meeting at Whittington Golf Club. The food was
delicious and very nicely served. It was lovely to see such a good turnout. As Jennie
reported, Sue Jay came along with her Guide Dog Norma who was a very gorgeous black
Labrador cross. She behaved beautifully and enjoyed all her treats. I am sending two
lovely photos of her which Sue kindly forwarded to me.

What an amazing week it has been. David has been away cycling in Scotland with his
Cycling Group and is on his way home today. It has been the Boris, “will he go or will he
stay” saga that has held the nation. I couldn’t believe the news when I was driving to
Tangent on Tuesday that two of his main men had resigned. Hopefully his successor will
like the expensive furnishings in the Downing Street flat that he and Carrie chose!

In a very short time the Birmingham Commonwealth Games will be upon us. How exciting
this will be for the City and I hope it is a great success and we win lots of medals. We won’t
be here but I would have like to have seen the Triathlon which is going to be held in Sutton
Park, just a short walk from us. Always a very exciting event but particularly as it’s on home
turf. Our member Lyn Kightley and Andrew are going to be volunteers and are putting in a
few shifts already as they are in the uniforms section.

I think Wimbledon has been very exciting this year with some amazing matches. I have
really enjoyed watching the young newcomers playing the giants of the tennis world and
really holding their own. I won’t be at the Garden Party at Jennie’s house in August but
hope you all have a great time.

Concluding I would like to wish those ladies who are not so well at the moment and those
who are undergoing treatment our love and best wishes. Please call us if you need any
help or just need a chat.
Love Pat xx

Tangent Coffee Mornings
Pam has asked me to let you know that the next Coffee Morning will be at Jackie
Littlewood’s home on Wednesday 20th July at 10.30 – 12.30

Tangent News June 2022

Hello Ladies

I am attaching some photos, kindly taken by Ruth of our super evening at Jenny’s house on
Tuesday. Also you will find the Mixed Bean Pate recipe sent by Jean, which was delicious as
were all the other home-made pates. A lovely start to Jenny’s year as our Chairman. I’m
looking forward to our next and first meeting at Whittington Golf Club, I’m sure they will
look after us very well. Detail will be sent out soon.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful Jubilee celebrations on TV. The scene with the
Queen and Paddington Bear touched us all and for me was the highlight. We were part of a
lovely street party in Whitstable and it was great to see the whole nation celebrate our
wonderful Queen’s 70 years on the throne, something which we will never see again in our

To those of you who are not so well, get better soon and we send you all our love and best
wishes for speedy recoveries.

Nice chatting again, see you soon.

Love Pat xx

Tangent News April 2022

Hello Ladies

I have taken over the Bulletin from Sue, thought we’d keep it in the family.  I am writing this as the sun beams through the window.  We had a fine evening on Tuesday last for our walk in Pipehall Farm Woodland Trust, a great choice,  thank you Deirdre.  The bluebells and cowslips were gorgeous, photos attached.  Fish and Chips followed at The Nelson Pub with a lot of chatter and Jean won the raffle.  Jean has taken over the role and has lots of lovely ideas for our meetings. 

This dreadful war still carries on in the Ukraine, whenever will it end. 

Our lovely new Chairman, Jenny is going to open her home for the June meeting on the 7th. Jennie will send out details to everyone.  I’m sorry to be missing it but we will be away in Whitstable and it’s our grandson Findlay’s 10th birthday.  July will be our first meeting at Whittington Golf Club.  David says 41 Club are very well looked after there and the food is very good.

Best wishes to those members who are not so well at present, our thoughts and good wishes are with you all.  Please  let us know how you are getting on and if there’s anything we can do to help.  I hope that those of you who have had Covid recently are recovering well.  Some people get it very mildly it seems while others are off their feet for a few days.

Anyway, been nice chatting so bye for now and see you soon.


Love Pat xx