May 2021: Chairman’s Update

May meeting at the Kingfisher Café, Fradley Junction

It was lovely to see everyone last Tuesday.  It’s wonderful that at last we are gradually coming out of lockdown.  There were 20 of us which was a really good turnout.  We managed, only just, to dodge the showers though apparently they were all around us.  It was lovely to see Mary Jones who joined us for lunch.  She was looking really well and is living with her daughter, they are having a house built in Drakelow which they will hopefully move into in September.  

It was also great to see Helen who came along with Mary Ward.  She has had some recent treatment which has been successful.  Pauline also joined us for lunch.

Several of us walked the Nature Reserve with Jane as our Guide.  It was very interesting and some eagle eyes spotted a Jay. 

We were able to sit outside for our lunch.  The food and service were excellent and everyone was in great spirits and so glad to get out and see one another in person.  Thank you Deirdre for organizing an excellent event.

I’m at our other home in Whitstable now and looking forward to a weekend of birthday celebrations for David and our gorgeous granddaughter, Maia who will be 9 and is very excited at the prospect.  They have a wonderful joint birthday cake, hopefully only 9 candles on it.  We’re having fish and chips delivered from Margate.

I’m looking forward to our June meeting at the Colvile Arms, Lullington.  A joint lunch meeting with 41 Club.  An invitation will be coming to us soon, I understand, inviting everyone in Tangent. 

July will be the Garden Party at Jennie Tipper’s.  This will be from 3.00 pm.  Fingers crossed for a nice day and we are to be joined by our National President.  More details to follow. 

I’d like to finish by wishing everyone who has had operations or tests or who is awaiting surgery, all the very best and let us know how you’re getting on.


Love and best wishes