February 2022: Chairman’s Report

Hello Tangent Friends.

We had a lovely meeting at the Royal Oak on Wednesday.   The Baby/Child Competition organised superbly by Pearl was great fun and won by Mary.  I only guessed three right.  It was a great idea and thank you Pearl.  The two Jennys had a bit of a tumble during the meeting. I contacted them both and am pleased to tell you that they are fine, in fact they both played tennis the next morning so all is well. 

Pearl has been keeping us all very well informed about our new meeting venue.  As you know we both went to Whittington Heath Golf Club to meet the Events Organiser Nicky and her husband Phil who is the Chef.  We had very positive feedback and both felt that it would be a good venue for us. 

It was lovely to see everyone at Chairmen’s Drinks last Sunday and everyone said how much they enjoyed catching up and having a good long awaited get together.  Thanks to everyone who helped us set up and clear up at the end.

I was very pleased to hear that St Giles’s Hospice had achieved £69,000 this year from the Christmas Tree collection. 

I’m looking forward to my Chairman’s meeting at Prego on 1st March.  Pearl has designed a fabulous flyer which will be sent out soon.  I’ll be welcoming Pauline Atchison, my honorary member into Tangent.  Pauline and I were in Sutton Tangent together and have been friends for a long time so I’m so pleased that she is going to join us.  She is currently isolating in readiness for a trip to Dubai with husband Barrie visiting their daughter and family. 

April will be bringing us to our AGM, the end of my two years in office.  I’ve been so fortunate to have had a great Exec who have all been very supportive.  We need a new Chairman and with a good team it’s really not that hard.  If we could get a Vice Chairman as well, even better.  Everyone in the Club has been very supportive too and as a relatively new member to Lichfield Tangent, it has been an excellent way for me to get to know everyone and I’m fairly certain I know everyone’s name now but please don’t test me!  We also have other vacancies on the Exec which you may like to consider.  Pearl will be stepping down after many years, think it’s 12 but I could be wrong.  A very difficult act to follow as she does the job so superbly but I know she would give the new person lots of help and guidance to do it in their own way.  Sue has done a super job as Bulletin Secretary and after many years on Exec is stepping down.  Deirdre as Social Secretary has done a lovely job in guiding us back into being together, as in the day time walks we had at Fradley and Barton Marina but is also stepping down and Liz who is Speaker Finder has done a great job,  the Dingbats at the Christmas meeting were great fun, she is also stepping down after many years.  PLEASE give it lots of thought, I really don’t want to put my Chairman’s collar back in it’s box. 

Jennie has asked if you could let her know asap please any changes of address or phone numbers from the last Members List as she will be preparing a new one soon.

See you in March, I hope and in the meantime, stay well.  Love and best wishes Pat xx