Chairman’s Introduction 2020-2021

Hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe.  Not a lot to report obviously.

A little about myself.  I started my Circle life as a member of Huntingdon Ladies’ Circle in Cambridgeshire and served several post including Circle Chairman.  I was also Area Secretary when one of our members became Area Chairman.  I am a Brummie but left to live in the south then moved to Cambridgeshire where we lived for many years and our two daughters grew up there.  I was a Medical Secretary.  We moved to Sutton when David took up a new job in Aldridge and I joined Sutton Coldfield Tangent and was Chairman there.  I worked for a while at the Queen Elizabeth.  Sutton Tangent has now de-affiliated and just meet for lunch once a month.  I was very happy to become a member of Lichfield following my year as Helen’s honorary member, which is a much active club and I am very honoured to be your Chairman, even if it is virtually!  Thank you for your support and I only hope I can do so as well as Mary.  My honorary member, Pauline Atchison is a friend from Sutton Coldfield Tangent, her husband Barrie is one of David’s honorary members.  My daughter are married, Claire lives in Broadstairs and has 2 children and Jo lives in Walthamstow and has 2 boys.  All four children are similar ages and we Zoom and Facetime to stay in touch in these times.  Miss the hugs.

We received a request from Lichfield Ladies’ Circle via Viv asking for our help in sewing scrubs bags or donating hand creams and lip balms. Many thanks to those ladies who were able to help.  I know several of you may not be able to go out for 12 weeks due to various health conditions or those of your loved ones.  Ladies Circle will be very happy to help with shopping etc.

Tangles Chairman Sharon and Circle Chairman, Steph are also honorary members.

If you’re getting bored, National have organised regular quizzes which are operated through Zoom and are on their website.

Happy news is the arrival of Mary and John Ward’s twin girls.  Congratulations from us all.

Hope to see you all in the not too distant future.



4th May 2020