August 2020: Chairman’s Message

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all staying well.  I heard from Jane Hartley that Sheila Jones has fractured her wrist and Jane kindly took her some flowers and a card from us all.  Thank you Jane and I hope everything is going well Sheila.  It was lovely to see Wendy Webb yesterday in Jenny Chapman’s garden.  Wendy, as some of you may know, is undergoing treatment for cancer.  I took her an orchid and card from us early on in her diagnosis and she is making good progress and due for surgery following her treatment.  She looked very well and we hope to see you again soon Wendy.

The Moving Garden Parties took place yesterday and were a great success.  Everyone stayed safe and socially distanced and it was lovely to see the 12 ladies that took part.  We were so lucky with the weather.  Thank you so much Deirdre for organising it and to Jenny Chapman and Jennie Tipper for hosting in their lovely gardens.  We were all very taken with Monty, Jennie’s robot lawn mower who busied himself all afternoon cutting her lawn.  Photos of the afternoon will be in the Bulletin.

We talked about getting together again in September and Deirdre and Jennie are looking into a coffee or lunch at the café at Fradley Junction which has a large outside area by the canal.  More details will follow.  It is great to be able to get out and about a bit more and David and I went to a restaurant on Monday with some friends.  The first time all of us had been out in the evening since March and inside rather than out!!  We went to the Butlers Arms on the Lichfield Road near Mere Green and were able to take advantage of Rishi’s very generous “Eat to Help Out”, saving £40 on our bill.  It was very safe and they kept to the rules.  Excellent fish choices.  

We are hoping to go over to France with our family (10 of us) on 15th and just keeping everything crossed that the quarantine rules don’t change, particularly while we’re there.  The four grandchildren are so excited.  Buckets and spades already packed.  How is everyone coping with the facemasks.  I did send for some fancy ones from Boden but find that my home-made ones are easier to breathe through.  They do make you feel much safer though and everyone seems to be wearing them in the shops and apparently on the trains as well.  David went into Birmingham yesterday on the train and said it was like a ghost city with most of the shops in Grand Central still closed.  An awful shame that John Lewis is closing its stores in Birmingham and Tamworth.  We are also going to lose our little Waitrose at Mere Green in September. 

 I’m looking forward to our meeting at Branston on Wednesday 2nd September.  Unfortunately because of the current Covid-19 rules, numbers are restricted to 16 and I understand we are nearly at that number.  We won’t have a quorum so although we did say it was an AGM, strictly speaking we should just have a handover and meeting.  Nevertheless, it’ll be lovely to get together.  Thank you Pearl for organising it.  Take care everyone and stay safe.

YICF Love Pat xx