April 7th 2020: Chairman’s final message

This afternoon the Executive have made club history by holding our very first Executive and Handover meeting on Zoom. Thanks to Pearl’s excellent guidance and some help/hindrance from our husbands we all eventually made it to the meeting. Even Mac attempted to join us for a short time! I for one have learnt a new skill but needed loads of help from my daughter.

Pat set it all up for us with a little help from David. Zoom is certainly not very flattering although my daughter did show me a tab to improve appearance, however it did nothing for me!

As you all know our AGM has been postponed until we can all meet again in safety, but as some decisions needed to be taken we thought a virtual meeting was the best way forward.

Jennie took minutes of the meeting and recorded all decisions taken. She will be sending a copy of these to everyone shortly. All officers for the year 2020/2021 were elected with a unanimous show of hands apart from Vice Chairman. Could this be you?? Anyone interested please contact Pat, I know she would be delighted to have your support.

Reality stepped in at changeover as I couldn’t pass the Chairman’s jewel through the iPad screen to Pat as they do in “Through the Keyhole”. Everything is now packed away in the Chairman’s case ready and waiting for Pat.

I can’t believe that a year has passed since Roe handed over to me last May. I have really enjoyed being your Chairman despite feeling that I had so much to learn at the start. Thanks to you all for giving me such terrific support and encouragement from the very beginning.

An enormous special thankyou to our Exec, my “Dream Team” for always being there with guidance, advice and gentle reminders. They have organised such an enjoyable and memorable calendar for us all. I have a small thankyou gift for them but that surprise will have to wait.

Attendance has been stable this year and we look forward to welcoming a new member into our club. Beverley has been an Honorary member this year and will join us fully at our AGM.

December and January were especially sad for both 41 Club and ourselves losing so many of our members. We were all so sorry to lose Pat Burbridge who had been a member since the 1980’s and Chairman twice.

A huge welcome to Chairman Pat and her new Exec, and I am sure that you will all give her the great support that you have given to me. We all wish her a happy and enjoyable year once restrictions are lifted.

Keep smiling, keep talking, and above all keep safe.


Mary     April 7th  2020