April 2022 : Chairman’s Message

New Chairman appointed

My name is Jennifer Gray, known by my friends as Jenny. I have 3 daughters Caroline, Jacqui and Lizzie. Sadly we lost Caroline when she was 31. She left us a grandson William who is now 30, grandson Nico from Jacqui And granddaughter Grace from Lizzie.  Sadly also I lost my dear husband Tony 5 years ago.. He was a round tabler from 1968 and then into 41 club….. I joined Ladies circle in 1968 ….. could tell you I was 15  if I thought you would believe me….. I did chairman, secretary , fund raising chairman and entertainments chairman……. Joined tangent in 1981……… Chairman 3 times and I think secretary 3 times.   Great times….happy times  Tony was away on business an awful lot and circle and tangent were a great help.   

Sadly Walsall is now not affiliated. Circle closed many years ago hence no more new members for tangent….. we just meet , or did do before Covid, once a month for coffee.  So 50 happy years  of service and continued friendship., hence pleased to join Lichfield tangent and become their chairman in times of need. In 2005 I joined Burton Rotary, and  in 2015 become their First Lady President. It’s a great club and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member.

Nearer home I am a member of Whittington WI.

I look forward to being Chairman of Lichfield with the guidance of a very supportive exec committee and also getting to know the members of 41 club   

Your in continued friendship, Jenny .