July 2020 : Chairman’s message

Hello Ladies

I hope you’re all still staying well.  Life seems to be very slowly, “baby steps”, getting back to some sort of normality but we’ve still got a fair way to go.  It’s lovely that everyone is able to see families now.  Not long now until we can give them a hug. 

I think the Garden Centres have done a sterling job in opening and taking very well thought out measures to keep everyone safe.  Near me, The Fig and Olive in Middleton are serving refreshments from a converted horse box and you can sit on socially distanced chairs and benches on the grass banks and enjoy a lovely flat white or cappuccino.    I met a friend this afternoon who I hadn’t seen since March in Sutton Park and we finished off our walk with a coffee at the Bracebridge outside restaurant, sitting by the lake in the sunshine and got blown to bits.  Amazing how much everyone’s hair has grown –  I’ve got an appointment next Monday, hooray.

I am very pleased to say that the Moving Garden Party has had some good response and after chatting with Deirdre at the weekend, we have decided to go ahead with it.  More details will be sent out soon and we have extended the date for you to decide if you’d like to come to 17th July.  I know that some of you have decided that you would not be comfortable to attend and I quite understand that.  I’m sure it will be a very happy occasion and I am looking forward to seeing some of you.  Thanks to Deirdre for coming up with the idea and implementing it. 

It was suggested that we make Di Price, a past Chairman of Tangent who is 92, a Life Honorary Member of Tangent.  I emailed everyone on the Exec to seek approval then I wrote to Di and she was delighted to accept.  Unfortunately I understand from Pam, that Di had a fall recently and her son moved her to Wrexham to a nursing home for a week’s respite care.  He lives in Bala and is hoping to get her in to a home nearer to him.  We hope she is making good progress.

I hope we can ALL meet up again soon and until then everyone take care.


With lots of love


June 2020 : Chairman’s message

Hi Everyone, hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather.

I attended a Zoom Tangles meeting last Thursday, as one of their honorary members. They were very welcoming. They are a small group and have regular virtual activities. They join in with the Tangent National quizzes and Scavenger hunts and have set various challenges. They have challenged us to virtual Bingo. Bit scary for a technophobe like me. There was a virtual raffle which for once, I didn’t win!!

I did wonder if these were the sorts of things that our Club should be doing and having only been in Lichfield Tangent for such a short time wasn’t really sure of how most people would feel. We are after all a generation older than most Tangles members. Maybe everyone would be happier to wait until we can meet in small groups of possibly 10. I know that not everyone in Tangent is happy to or know how to use Zoom. David and I Zoom our friends quite regularly but we are in much smaller groups.

I set up an Exec meeting yesterday and we discussed the various options that we have. Deirdre is hoping to organise a moving Tangent Garden Party, along the lines of Safari suppers that we used to have in Round Table. There would be groups of at least 6, depending on the latest Government Covid-10 regulations and we would take our own food and drinks and meet up in 4 gardens we could finish in the park, this number is variable, depending on how many people would like take part. We would be given an envelope to indicate the next garden to move on to. This way we should be able to see everyone. The hosts would stay in their gardens. I think this sounds a lovely idea and I hope you all agree.

Another idea is an online Quiz, the questions would be emailed out and the answers sent back. The winner would get a prize at a later date.

David and I are planning a joint event (41 Club and Tangent) in July when we will invite groups of approximately 10 to come to our garden, bring their chairs and enjoy food and wine, hopefully strawberries will still be around. Also of course the good weather.

I hope you like some of the above ideas.

I’m fortunate that the day goes quite quickly. I have been doing the Joe Wicks Exercise for Seniors. It’s just for 10 minutes but sets me up for the day. We go walking and I occasionally do Pilates. I have been helping to sew the small headbands with buttons that go under the visors that front line NHS staff wear. I did make a few facemasks for us and friends and family. The garden has kept me busy as everything has grown so much. We Zoom and FaceTime friends and daughters and grandchildren. Have got into a few box sets on TV and stay up far too late watching them.

Anyway enough from me, stay well everyone and please let me know if you need any help or just want a chat. I know there are days when we all feel a bit low and flat, wondering how much longer this way of life will carry on and we’ll be able to hug our children and grandchildren but we’ll get there and be together again soon.

YCIF Pat xx

Chairman’s Introduction 2020-2021

Hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe.  Not a lot to report obviously.

A little about myself.  I started my Circle life as a member of Huntingdon Ladies’ Circle in Cambridgeshire and served several post including Circle Chairman.  I was also Area Secretary when one of our members became Area Chairman.  I am a Brummie but left to live in the south then moved to Cambridgeshire where we lived for many years and our two daughters grew up there.  I was a Medical Secretary.  We moved to Sutton when David took up a new job in Aldridge and I joined Sutton Coldfield Tangent and was Chairman there.  I worked for a while at the Queen Elizabeth.  Sutton Tangent has now de-affiliated and just meet for lunch once a month.  I was very happy to become a member of Lichfield following my year as Helen’s honorary member, which is a much active club and I am very honoured to be your Chairman, even if it is virtually!  Thank you for your support and I only hope I can do so as well as Mary.  My honorary member, Pauline Atchison is a friend from Sutton Coldfield Tangent, her husband Barrie is one of David’s honorary members.  My daughter are married, Claire lives in Broadstairs and has 2 children and Jo lives in Walthamstow and has 2 boys.  All four children are similar ages and we Zoom and Facetime to stay in touch in these times.  Miss the hugs.

We received a request from Lichfield Ladies’ Circle via Viv asking for our help in sewing scrubs bags or donating hand creams and lip balms. Many thanks to those ladies who were able to help.  I know several of you may not be able to go out for 12 weeks due to various health conditions or those of your loved ones.  Ladies Circle will be very happy to help with shopping etc.

Tangles Chairman Sharon and Circle Chairman, Steph are also honorary members.

If you’re getting bored, National have organised regular quizzes which are operated through Zoom and are on their website.

Happy news is the arrival of Mary and John Ward’s twin girls.  Congratulations from us all.

Hope to see you all in the not too distant future.



4th May 2020

April 7th 2020: Chairman’s final message

This afternoon the Executive have made club history by holding our very first Executive and Handover meeting on Zoom. Thanks to Pearl’s excellent guidance and some help/hindrance from our husbands we all eventually made it to the meeting. Even Mac attempted to join us for a short time! I for one have learnt a new skill but needed loads of help from my daughter.

Pat set it all up for us with a little help from David. Zoom is certainly not very flattering although my daughter did show me a tab to improve appearance, however it did nothing for me!

As you all know our AGM has been postponed until we can all meet again in safety, but as some decisions needed to be taken we thought a virtual meeting was the best way forward.

Jennie took minutes of the meeting and recorded all decisions taken. She will be sending a copy of these to everyone shortly. All officers for the year 2020/2021 were elected with a unanimous show of hands apart from Vice Chairman. Could this be you?? Anyone interested please contact Pat, I know she would be delighted to have your support.

Reality stepped in at changeover as I couldn’t pass the Chairman’s jewel through the iPad screen to Pat as they do in “Through the Keyhole”. Everything is now packed away in the Chairman’s case ready and waiting for Pat.

I can’t believe that a year has passed since Roe handed over to me last May. I have really enjoyed being your Chairman despite feeling that I had so much to learn at the start. Thanks to you all for giving me such terrific support and encouragement from the very beginning.

An enormous special thankyou to our Exec, my “Dream Team” for always being there with guidance, advice and gentle reminders. They have organised such an enjoyable and memorable calendar for us all. I have a small thankyou gift for them but that surprise will have to wait.

Attendance has been stable this year and we look forward to welcoming a new member into our club. Beverley has been an Honorary member this year and will join us fully at our AGM.

December and January were especially sad for both 41 Club and ourselves losing so many of our members. We were all so sorry to lose Pat Burbridge who had been a member since the 1980’s and Chairman twice.

A huge welcome to Chairman Pat and her new Exec, and I am sure that you will all give her the great support that you have given to me. We all wish her a happy and enjoyable year once restrictions are lifted.

Keep smiling, keep talking, and above all keep safe.


Mary     April 7th  2020