February 2023: Chairman’s Message

I am sorry that I was not able to attend the Chairman’s Drinks on Sunday 15th January at Streetly Community Centre.  I believe it was well supported. 

It was good to see so many of our members at Helen’s farewell on 23rd January.  She will be sorely missed.  Unfortunately I did not get to know her well but I believe she was a lovely person, loved by all who knew her.  Many of us attended Lichfield Ladies’ Circle’s 70th birthday at the Guildhall for Afternoon Tea.  It was well supported by their own members and other clubs.

We held our own meeting on 7th February, the speaker being Mary Morris, past owner of the Lichfield Fitness Club.  What a great speaker she was and so inspirational.  I hope I look as good as her when I reach her age!!!!!  We now look forward to our March meeting which is to be an Afternoon Tea at The Dog in Whittington.  I do hope that we have a good support, I think it is so sad that we have so few members at the meetings.  We always have such a good time with such good fellowship.  I can’t believe it will only be one more meeting for me.  I do hope there will be someone who will be willing to take over and assist the continuation of this great organisation.

Yours in Continued Friendship

Jenny X

January 2023: Chairman’s Message

Firstly, I have to say how sad I am with the loss of our dear member Helen. I
unfortunately did not get to know her well. I do know that she was a very courageous
lady and I was so sad to hear that she had finally lost her very courageous battle
against this beastly disease. I have sent a condolence card to her family on behalf of
you all.

The December Christmas meeting, which I unfortunately had to miss which was held
at the golf club, was a great success, with you being very well entertained by my
dear friend Rhona Pownall who I believe caused a lot of amusement.

We have just held the January meeting, also at the golf club. Our speaker was
David Dimeloe, who gave a very interesting talk on the Sandfields Pumping Station
of which he is a Trustee. He said that we would be made very welcome if we wished
to visit the station. Must think about it. It would make a very interesting outing.

Our next meeting on the 7th February will be at the golf club and our speaker will be
Mary Morris from the Lichfield Fitness Centre.

March meeting will be an Afternoon Tea, Venue to be arranged.

April meeting the AGM…. Then my year finishes……All of you please consider
taking on the Chair. We need a Chairman to continue. It is not an onerous position..
With a good secretary, good treasurer, and a speaker secretary, the most you have
to do is to stand up and speak at the meetings.

Can I please take this opportunity to thank all those who sent me Get well wishes.
Wishing you all a Healthy 2023.


Helen Dempster

Ian, and his daughters Nikki and Sara, are very touched by the comments from members of our Clubs which are very much appreciated. We would have liked to give more information earlier but there were too many bank holidays in the way.

Helen’s funeral will be on Monday 23 January at 1.30pm at the the Lichfield & District Crematorium, Fradley and then at the Darnford Moors Golf Club.

More information is on https://funeral-notices.co.uk/notice/dempster/5092102

Belinda Lavenstein is kindly collating numbers who wish to go to the funeral and / or Darnford Moors, on behalf of both Tangent and 41 Club members, so please contact her on project155@hotmail.com

November 2022: Chairman’s Message

It’s been a while since my last bulletin report.  A lot has certainly happened.  Sadly we lost our Queen which was very sad.  She was such a wonderful Monarch and we all felt her loss.  We did, of course, gain a new Monarch, King Charles and I am sure he will represent us very well especially with the support of his Consort, Queen Camilla.  As we all know too well, behind every man there’s a very capable woman. Then of course, we had the Prime Minister fiasco.  Hopefully, at last we have a Prime Minister who will do his best for the Country and not try and bankrupt us all. 

On a personal note, I have spent a lot of time at our other house in Whitstable.  We recently went for another 3 weeks as our youngest daughter, Jo had a hysterectomy and needed help with our grandsons and dog while she was recovering.  Needless to say, the dog was a doddle! We came home for a rest but did end up going back for another week when she had a bit of a wobble.  Hence the reason why I have missed a few meetings but will definitely be there for our Christmas meeting.  I understand from Jenny’s report that the last two meetings went very well.  I also heard that at the last meeting, the food at the Golf Club was delicious and enjoyed by all.  Trust me to miss it.

On Sunday a few of us were at the Arboretum for the Remembrance Service and our Chairman Jenny laid a wreath on our behalf, pictures attached.  She looked very lovely in her red coat and did us proud.  This was followed by a delicious lunch at the hall in Alrewas with lots of seconds.  It was, as usual, impeccably organised by Mac Cummings and Co.  Thanks must go to them for all their hard work. Unfortunately Peter and Sue Dimeloe were unable to be there as they both have Covid.  They are usually part of Mac’s helpers.  I spoke to Sue on Saturday and she is slowly recovering but of the two of them, has been the most poorly.  There was obvious concern for Peter but thankfully he is doing OK.  Lots of love to you both.

Our love and best wishes also to Helen and to anyone else who is not so well at present.  Please let us know so we can support you in some way.

Love and best wishes


Pat xx

October 2022: Chairman’s Message. My year so far…

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. We had our AGM on the 5th April and my first executive meeting was held at my house on the 28th April.

On June 7th, we held a Jubilee supper at my house. A lovely sunny evening spent outside.

Our July meeting on the 5th was our first meeting held at Whittington Golf Club.  We were very pleased with the venue and excellent meal. Sue Jay came along to speak to us with her guide dog Norma.  She gave a very informative and amusing talk.

On August 11th, we met at the home of Jennie and Andrew, who made us very welcome. We had an afternoon tea, the food being supplied by the members. We had a book sale and a raffle and delighted to have made £227.

September meeting held on the 6th took us back to the golf club where yet again we had an excellent meal. We held a quiz organised by Jean Cummings and Sue Dimeloe. It was a fun evening with lots of laughter.

Our October meeting held on the 4th, back at the golf club… with again a good meal.
Our speaker was Joe Tipper, son of Jennie and Andrew. He gave us an excellent talk on the Peak District Mountain Rescue Team, of which he is a member. A fascinating talk. 

YICF Love Jenny